Medak District

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Telangana Districts

Medak District
Medak District (Telugu: మెదక్ జిల్లా) is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Sangareddi is the district headquarters of Medak. The district had a population of 2,670,097, of which 14.36% were urban as of 2001. [1]

Medak is located at 18.03° N 78.27° E.[1] It has an average elevation of 442 metres (1450 feet).

Other big towns in the Medak district include Medak, Siddipet, Dubbaka, Narsapur, Ramayampet, Gajwel, Narayankhed, Zaheerabad, Jogipet, Patancheru, Sadasivpet, Sangareddy, Ramachandrapuram, and Gummadidala. IIT Hyderabad is also located in this district.
1 eGovernance and Development Indicators at Medak
2 Temples
3 Churches
4 Attractions
5 Forests
6 Mandals

eGovernance and Development Indicators at Medak

Medak district is a leader in empowering citizens. Recently it launched a grievance redressal model powered by ICT. The district’s social development achievements & issues are available in real time.

Medak district is adorned by many temples depicting fine architectural splendours. ERDANOOR located at 5KM From Ganesh Gadda,National Hiway NH-9 Patancheru to Sangareddy to Take Right. SOWDAMMA MATHA TEMPLE, Jathara will celebreted at every year in Jan.Month, Ismailkhanpet near to Sangareddy, (Sapta Prakarauta Bhavani Mata Temple, located at 35 km to the Hyderabad), They are located in the Bonthapally (Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, located at 25 km to the north of Hyderabad), Zarasangam , Koppol (sangameshwara temple,45 km from Medak town), Edupailu (Kanakadurga Temple, 8 km from Medak town, on the banks of Manjira river), Nachagiri temples (Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, 55 km from Hyderabad), Siddipet (Koti Ligeshwara Swamy Temple), Sri Saraswathi Kshetramu, Ananthasagar temple located 22 KM far away from Siddipet in the route of Siddipet to Karimnagar and Chegunta Sri Kalyana Venkateshwara Swami Devasthaanam, Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Ammavari Devalayam, Swayam Bhoo Mahakali Devasthaanam, Anjaneya Swami devalayam to name a few. Sri Sri Chamundeshwari Ammawari Temple at Chitkula village of andhole mandal, nearer to the jogipeta town. on the banks of manjira is also a famous shakti temple which is founded by sri ramanayya garu. The Joginatha Temple at Jogipet and Surya Devalayam at Dakur village are also equally important places in the district. Another one is Kowdipally Mandal Tuniki village in this village is the famous temple is Nalla Pochamma. From Hyderabad to 60 km only. A famous temple of Jagadamba mata and Sri Sri Seva Lal maharaj located at Bommareddygudem village in Pulkal mandal. Sri Sri Seva maharaj was born on 14 February and was principle deity of Banjara tribal.

A new temple has been constructed in the village of Kodur, Pulkal mandal and has been named as Sri Naga Lingeshwara Devalayam. [2]

Medak Church Built in 1914 by Charles Walker Posnet is coined as the biggest church in the South India Diocese. It has taken 10 years of uninterrupted construction time for completion of the structure. The cathedral was built during the First World War. This astounding piece of marvelous structural beauty will mesmerize you with its serene and peaceful ambiance. You will enjoy its green and lush lawns when you visit the church.

Medak Fort that exists as a citadel bears the hallmark of the Kakatiyan empire. The fort built on a hillock is an epitome of architectural and military excellence. The strategic location and the construction makes it a marvel in the city.

One of the main town in Medak district is Jogipet. It is famous for Joginath temple, clock tower and Indian Freedom fighting Movement.

Jagadama mata and Sri Sri Seva Lal maharaj temple located at Bommareddygudem village in pulkal mandal which is 25 km far from Sangareddy town and 15 km from Jogipet town.This temple was constructed during Smt.Khola Laxmi Bai Ex. Sarpanch tenure. Chamundeswari Temple on the banks of Manjeera River, tributary of Godavari River is second biggest temple of Goddess Chamundeswari. Sri Ramalingeswara swamy devaliyam is constructed on the top of the hill and is 3 km from the Chamundeswari Temple A very old temple of Sree Ramalingeswara Swami, constructed during 800 to 900 AD on the Top of the Hill at Chandur village near Jogipeta.

Narsapur Forest, located 35 km from Hyderabad, is spread between Gummadidala and Narsapur. This forest covers 30 km². This has variety of trees, many lakes and supports wildlife. Lately, this has become a hotspot for Telugu film shootings.

Manjira Forest, located 75 km from Medak and 5 km from Sangareddy, is spread over 20 km². The average width of the sanctuary is 500 to 800 m. Nestling between Manjeera and Singoor barrages, the Manjira wild life sanctuary comprises nine small islands which are home to a number of resident and migratory birds in addition to marsh crocodiles and muggar.

Madyaragam which is quiet old with Gandhi statue inside, with 30 metres (98 ft) height which is located in the center of the city

Manjira River,The Devnoor, the village of Regode Mandal is very beautiful village over the medak dist. the river of manjeera is flows through the Devnoor.

There are 45 mandals in Medak district.[3] 1. Manoor 16. Siddipet 31. Kohir 2. Kangti 17. Chinna Kodur 32. Munpalle 3. Kalher 18. Nanganur 33. Pulkal 4. Narayankhed 19. Kondapak 34. Sadasivpet 5. Regode 20. Jagadevpur 35. Kondapur 6. Shankarampet 21. Gajwel 36. Sangareddy 7. Alladurg 22. Doultabad 37. Patancheru 8. Tekmal 23. Chegunta 38. Ramachandrapuram 9. Papannapet 24. Yeldurthy 39. Jinnaram 10. Kulcharam 25. Kowdipalle 40. Hathnoora 11. Medak 26. Andole 41. Narsapur 12. Shankarampet 27. Raikode 42. Shivampet 13. Ramayampet 28. Nyalkal 43. Tupran 14. Dubbak 29. Jharasangam 44. Wargal 15. Mirdoddi 30. Zahirabad 45. Mulug 46.Thoguta


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